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Bursa is a city in the Asian part of Turkey.

It lies in the northwestern near the Sea Of Marmara with a population of more than 2,5 million. BURSA is the 4th largest city in Turkey after İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir.

Historically, Bursa served as the first capital of the Ottoman Empire from 1326 to 1365, when the capital was moved to Edirne in the European Turkey. Most of the historic sights of the city date back to this early period of the Ottomans. Bursa is famous for its peach, chestnuts and silk, although lately, heavy industry has surpassed these traditional industries.

Now, Bursa is a pole of attraction for tourists thanks to many historical and natural factors:

  • BURSA ULU CAMİİ: This Grand Mosque is the largest mosque in the city and a landmark of early Ottoman architecture ordered by Sultan Bayezit 1, designed and built by architect ALI NACCAR in 1396-1400.
  • ULUDAG: This ”SUBLIME MOUNTAIN” is a mountain in Bursa with an elevation of 2,543 m. It’s a popular center for winter sports such as skiing, climbing by the cable car and a national park of rich flora and fauna. Summer activities such as camping and trekking also are popular.
  • Inkaya Tree: 600 years old tree is very famous natural attractions for tourists.
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Bursa (Full Day Tour)

Bursa (Full Day Tour)

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